Ailyn Montes

Independent Consultant

A mix of sand, business, and design...

I was born and raised in Cuba, an island surrounded by water, but it wasn’t until I moved to Miami that I discovered my passion for the sea. The water, the sand, and the people make my heart full and my ideas flow. I am the daughter of two business owners and thus, entrepreneurship is my calling. I decided to fuse my business-minded spirit and my creative attributes to become an independent marketing consultant.

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Freelancing comes with freedom, but it also comes with a share of responsibility. I founded Montes Marketing Consulting to help small businesses expand their reach and connect with their audience via traditional and digital advertising. Growing up in a family business, I understand how small business owners often lack the time, resources, and knowledge to stay relevant, which is why I offer a variety of services that will place them ahead of the curve.

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